Mobil Eğlence Endüstrisi ile Londra'da Tanışın

23- 24 Haziran

Londra, İngiltere

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Geçen sene katıldığım etkinlikte, mobil eğlence dünyasının yeni ürün ve servisleri öğrenme imkanı bulmuştum. BU bağlamda panellerde dinleyeceğiniz diğer ülkelerdeki başarı hikayelerini ülkemizde kolaylıkla uygulayabilir; sektörün önemli oyuncularıyla bilgi paylaşımında bulunabilirsiniz.

Tuesday June 23rd

  • Opening Keynote Session: Critical Success Factors in the Current Global Economic Climate
  • Presentation: Where are we? Insights into the Current State of the Industry
  • Panel: Special Focus on Mobile Application Stores (MAS): The New Content Category
  • Panel: Smartpipe Enablers
  • Presentation: Rising Above the Noise: How to Market Mobile Entertainment in the New Landscape
  • Panel: Mobile Social Networking: Can it be Monetised?
  • Panel: Opening Up Service Adoption: The Impact of Ad-funded Content and Mobile Advertising
  • Panel: Leveraging Opportunities in Growth Markets
  • Closing Keynote Session: London 2012
  • Meffys Gala Dinner

Wednesday June 24th

  • Opening Keynote Session: The Fundamental Impact of the iPhone on the Mobile Entertainment Industry
  • Panel: The Increasing Importance of Mobile TV and Video to Mobile Content: Is 2009 the Year?
  • Panel: Towards Multi-Platform Media: Mobile as the Key Enabler
  • MEF Debate Club: Music Has No Future in Mobile: Discuss
  • Panel: Generating and Sustaining Revenue: Focus on Games
  • Panel: Using CRM to Increase Mobile Content Consumption
  • Panel: The Changing Face of Regulation – How It Affects Your Business In 2009 And Beyond?

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Mobil TV+IPTV kalbi, Londra'daki etkinlikte

Mobile TV World Summit ve IPTV World Forum

25- 26 Mart Londra

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Mobile TV World Summit features keynote speakers from major operators giving a global overview of working case studies in
successful and promising markets. Creatives, media planners and buyers
and broadcasters will come together in a special focus on mobile advertising innovation and strategy. Content specialists and web players will debate what content at what price will squeeze profit from their consumers through mobile delivery. Seamless delivery, minimised ‘hassle-factor’ and leveraging handheld with interactivity will be closely addressed. For the first time, delegates will hear IPTV Keynotes open both conference days, and get a richer picture of where the converged multimedia landscape is headed.

Mobile TV World Summit 2009 will equip you with the knowledge and the contacts to ensure you don’t miss out on your share of the revenue.

Mobil TV ve IPTV'nin geleceğine inanan biri olarak, bu alanlarda çalışanlara bu etkinliği tavsiye ederim.

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